Why does a guitar bridge typically look functionalistic?

This is the question I set out to answer when I started designing guitar bridges.

So much time and care is invested into crafting musical instruments. Many guitars however are outfitted with very simple bridges. Screws are visible and no care has been taken for the aesthetic design. Besides this they are typically difficult to intonate and lose intonation over time.

At the basis of the design process lay a thorough analysis of current bass guitar bridges. Their aesthetics, acoustic qualities and mechanical design were carefully studied.

The study showed there is much room for improvement and provided a basis for the development of the new products at hand.

The goal of this company is to deliver the perfect bass guitar bridge with a perfect balance between aesthetic, acoustic and practical qualities!

RML Innovations is a project of Rob Langendijk, Industrial Design Engineer (MSc.).

Rob’s designs won multiple design awards and have been patented.

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